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Engaging, Adventurous, Assured

Sci-Fi_1st Person POV_2 M

Does dying still count if you're a clone?

Sci Fi Demo_2 M_3 F_4 Accent

Can Captain Henry and his 

crew escape an ambush?

Sci-Fi Humor Demo

Is spinning out of control in a space suit fun?

Fantasy LitRPG Demo

Is feigning insanity to get a room ethical?

YA Fantasy Demo

Does a talking bird hold the secret to Ozzy's past?

Romance Demo_1st Person

Can Cody be the

friend Anya needs?

Drama Fiction Demo_2 F

Sometimes subtext can be deadly.

Nonfiction_Self-Help_How to Break Up With Y

How can you disconnect from

an over-stimulating world?

Nonfiction Business_You Can Retir

What concrete steps can

you take to retire early?

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